Find your passion

We are what we think about. The brain is always moving and needs something to chew on. If we have nothing positive in our life for our brains to chew on it will chew on whatever it can get it’s teeth on. This generally leads to chewing on miss guided marketing (Instagram and Facebook feeding us what we are “supposed to care about”) that causes us to constantly think we’re not good enough because we don’t have certain things others do. Once we let our brain chew randomly we realize we aren’t where we wanted to be. We’re not aligned with what’s true to us. This then makes us panicked and causes us to feel lost. Consequently more negative thoughts flood the brains feeding troth and the sequence repeats itself.

I believe people are anxious and depressed because they haven’t found there passion. They haven’t found something productive for there brain to chew on. 

One of my goals is to help people find there passion wether it be Fitness or something else. If I can do this, I believe I can design a new sequence for people to live there life by. This sequence will be a never ending positivity reinforcement loop. This will help people build and live a happy productive life.

Spring time motivation

So spring is here and summer is right around the corner!

I hope everybody’s sticking to their new year’s resolutions!

Whether it be to lose some weight or to get physically ready for fun summer activities.

I would also like to say that just because your goal is in sight or achieved already, does not mean you should slack off now!

If you’re not there yet don’t settle for good enough!

And if you’re there already, don’t slack and let your hard work go to waste!

Set bigger goals and knock them down!

Happy spring everybody!

Summer is right around the corner!

Set Small Goals

I have a client who started at 224 pounds. His goal is to be ready for a hunting trip.

Now one the thing he needs to make sure of is that he can hike for long periods of time without needing to stop.

So there are two parts we are working on. Building muscle so he can be strong enough for a long hike as well as lose body fat so that he doesn’t have as much weight to carry.

We set his goal at 180 pounds. The small goal we set was that when he makes it to 200 pounds he can eat chicken wings.

Today he sent me a text message saying he is at 199.8 pounds and a picture of the chicken wings he’s about to eat!

He’s not exactly where he wants to be, but he set a small realistic goal, stuck to it and now he’s halfway there!

So for anybody having a hard time reaching their health and wellness goals. Set small realistic goals along the way to keep yourself motivated!

It’s okay to relax

This time of year can be difficult for a lot of people.

Tax season and working your job through the winter can be very stressful.

It makes you forget that summer is right around the corner. In no time you will be smiling and care free.

So here are some ways to get through the winter blues.

1. Self Help Books

One thing you could do is read self help books like The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale or The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

These types of books help you to understand that happiness comes from within. These books will help you to relax and stay focused through stressful situations.

2. Meditation

Meditation may seem foreign to a lot of people. But one way to start would be to sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and count backwards from 20. Now when you’re counting you should be visualizing the numbers. The catch is any time you think about anything besides the numbers you start over.

This technique really helps to clear the mind and relax.

3. Put first things first

One way to rid yourself of stress is by getting the most stressful thing out of the way first. Or as my father would say. “Swallow the frog” - Meaning if you had a bunch of activities that needed to be done… and one of the things was to swallow a frog… you should get that out of the way so you’re not thinking about it all day.

Stressing out about the frog would mess up your efficiency towards your other tasks.

So get it out of the way!

4. Stretching

Stretching is incredibly under utilized. I have clients that come in with all sorts of lifelong aches and pains that are due to tight muscles.

Some of them old some of them young. Even the younger crowd should stay ahead on there stretching so that they do not end up in pain later in life.

Now all of these things may seem counterproductive when you think about fitness and getting in shape. But It is very important to be slow and steady when trying to achieve your goals.

Life's too short, why be stressed out all the time when you can just be relaxed and productive?

Avoid Cabin Fever

We are right in the middle of winter.

For some of us there isn’t much of a reason to go outside.

So we don’t get the same type of stimulus as the warmer months.

These types of things can lead to cabin fever.

Here are a couple of ways to avoid cabin fever.

One way is you could participate in outdoor winter activities such as snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding.

Another way is you could find a hobby to work on indoors to keep your mind occupied.

You could also look into finding an indoor activity such as racquetball or basketball to keep your body moving and your mind focused.

All these suggestions relate on the basis of mind body stimulation.

To avoid cabin fever this winter I suggest staying active with your mind and body through  mental and physical activity.

Super Bowl Sunday

Hey guys!

I just want to start by saying, I hope all of your New Year's resolutions are going great!

I also want to remind you that the super bowl is this weekend.

Like you didn’t already know...

This means, hanging out with your friends and family, cheering for your favorite team.

It also means.

Beers with your friends and family endless amounts of chips, candy and junk food.

Now I don’t want to sound like a Debby downer…

I don’t even know who Debby is.

I just want to say don’t let one fun night with your friends and family get in the way of your New Year's Resolution.

Optimism And Fitness

The definition of Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Most people think happiness comes from outside sources.

Most people think they will only be happy once they meet their fitness goal.

But when they find out that it will take longer than a month to succeed, they quit because they think what they’re doing is a waste of time.

Optimism is what you need.

Optimism works from the inside out.

Optimism is a mindset.

You can either workout/diet thinking, this will never work, this is hard, I hate this or you could think, I will make this work, this is part of the process and I love bettering myself.

An optimistic perspective is key.

If you want your dream body, you can either complain the whole time or think about it optimistically.

Both involve the same amount of work but complaining and dreading the work is your choice and will only make things seem harder to you.

If you think about the work optimistically everything will just be part of the process and obstacles will be perceived as opportunities to try something new.

Giving up and not working towards your fitness goal won’t get you the results you want.

So why not perceive obstacles as opportunities to learn the things that won’t work so you can clear your mind to find something you haven’t tried that might work.

I hope this information helped! I hope everyone stays optimistic while working towards their fitness goal!

3 simple tips for an effective new year’s resolution.

So every year on new year’s you decide to aim for the stars.

You say “This is the year that I lose 20 pounds”

So you go to the gym and beat the crap out of yourself for a month and then give up and wait for next year.

I’ve noticed people aim very high and never set micro goals that will lead them to succeed in the long run.

So here’s 3 resolution tips that you can set for the new year that are easy and effective.

Number 1

Drink more water.

The average person does not drink enough water.

Let’s just set your macro goal at 8, 16 fluid ounce water bottles a day.

Let’s set you micro goal at 2 a day for the first week, and go up by 2 bottles every week so that after a month you reach 8 a day.

Make that a habit.

Number 2

Cut out sugar and processed junk foods.

Think of one thing you eat each day that you feel needs to change.

The Macro goal would be to slowly wean of that thing.

The micro goal would be to start with allowing yourself 4 days a week to consume that thing and every week following wean it off one more day. So after a month you no longer consume that thing.

Make that a habit.

Number 3

Get up early and stretch.

Stretching gets blood flow to your muscles and also requires balance.

Now the macro goal would be to get up every morning and stretch.

The micro goal would be starting with 4 days a week at first. Then every week following at another day until you are at 7 days a week.

Make that a habit.

Now I know everybody's resolution is different.

I would just like to say that these three simple tips will change your life immensely,

They will create a snowball effect that will eventually land you in a healthy lifestyle.

They will also fill you with energy so that you can be more effective in the gym.

I hope this information helped and I hope everyone has a successful year in 2018!

Family Fitness Snow-tivities

On christmas… or let’s say the week of christmas, if we’re being realistic, is full of all sorts of sweets and great food.

Also we tend to sway from our normal routines because of obvious reasons, family time and relaxation.

People gain a ton of weight around the holidays especially Christmas.

So instead of being a hypocrite, preaching about over indulging on Christmas. 

Let me give you some fun ideas to burn some extra calories during the christmas week. While also spending more time with your family.

1. Be the one to make the treats.

Not only can you choose a healthy choice of treats.

For example: Banana bread, Oatmeal or peanut butter cookies, instead of brownies, chocolate chip or sugar cookies.

But you are also moving around and staying active to make sure those delicious treats come out the way you want them to!

To make sure your bonding with your family make it an event for you and a couple family members.

2. Go for a walk,

Think about how nice the snow covered outdoors will look. Not only will you relieve stress, you will be walking and burning calories.

Invite your family to go with you! Make it an event so it makes it less of a chore.

3. Have a snowball fight.

If you are someone who’s not looking to get wailed in the face with an ice block. Play with younger kids. Or play with people you can trust and agree with that it’s just a game, not a means to injure each other.

This way you are having family fun while getting a little running in, which is essentially high knees because of the deep snow. Also you’ll be working on core stability because of the dodging and trying not to slip on the snow.

4. Go snowshoeing.

If you’re up for it, snowshoeing can be a great use of energy. Go for a walk that challenges you. This works like a walk, but you can usually adventure into more untouched terrain.

5. Ice skating.

Find a local ice skating rink to go to with friends or family. If it’s cold enough go to a pond and skate for free. Also if you feel stable enough try and hit a puck around for hand eye coordination.

6. Go skiing or snowboarding.

Skiing or snowboarding takes a lot of effort and will burn tons of calories. Using core stability and a focused mind body connection the whole time will ensure you make it down the mountain in one piece.

I hope these ideas for Family Fitness Snow-tivities help you get through the week of christmas feeling confident you tried your best to stay on top of your healthy living goals. Also remember all of these things can be done alone or as a family! Whichever works best!

Breaking the ice, Just get started!

Been planning on working out and just never get around to it?

Do you constantly make attempts to set up a gym membership, get a trainer, or do a home workout?

And you constantly say Tomorrow? Or after this weekend… or after the holidays...

And deep down you know you won’t get around to it until it’s a big problem?

Here’s what i have to say.

Just get started.

6 months from now you’ll wish you started today.

Time will pass no matter what.

So why not exercise today.

Like right now? Before or after you go to work depending on when you read this.

Don’t you wish you worked out yesterday?

Think about this...

Today’s work ethic will determines tomorrow's yesterday.

So break ice and get started!

There’s no doubt in my that you will be happy you got things out of the way and genuinely feel that you are taking steps towards a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Alright guys, I hope this information helped! If it did please give this a LIKE and SHARE it you your page, so your friends and family feel motivated to break the ice and get started on their fitness journey! :)


Workout frequency

Workout frequency

Starting a workout program can be tough.

In the beginning you might think that you have to workout everyday of the week, which eventually leads to you burning out and discontinuing your workout routine.

What you might not realize is that there is a more efficient way to reach your goal without burning yourself out in the process.

If you are just starting off, it may only take you 30 minutes 3 times a week to be completely exhausted.

And that’s okay!

This doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, it just means that you’re pacing yourself and listening to your body.

Now as you continue to workout 3 times a week, you may start to feel that 30 minutes isn’t long enough.

So you bump yourself up to 3 hours a week.

Eventually this may seem easy as well so you decide to workout an hour 6 days a week.

I would advise to take at least one day off a week so that your body can heal.

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Workout frequency depends on your individual stamina and experience level.

Listen to your body,

Increase or decrease frequency to find a firm foundation to build from and to avoid burning out.


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Dieting on a budget

It’s a common misconception that eating healthy is expensive.

People blame their weight gain on cost and on not knowing what to eat.

They end up buying fast food or frozen dinners thinking it’s the cheapest option.

People will pay 5 dollars a day on coffee and let’s just say 5 dollars on lunch and dinner.

That’s $15 a day.

Or $105 a week.

What they don’t realize is that if they went to the store and bought,

Eggs, oatmeal, and milk for breakfast

And Chicken, rice, and broccoli for lunch and dinner, maybe switch the meat and vegetable every week.

They wouldn't be spending more than $40 a week.

And they would lose weight and feel healthier.

And if they meal prep for the whole week they could save yourself a couple hours a day when they’d usually be cooking.

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Why Fitness By Design over a corporate gym?

Why Fitness By Design over a corporate gym?

When most people realize they need to workout, they usually go to a corporate gym and get a $20 a month membership

They feel great about taking this step, but soon realize these types of gyms are packed with people and there is no equipment to use.

Then they will go on the only cardio machine open and walk for an hour.

They will do this for a month and then stop because they don’t see the results they want.

At Fitness By Design Personal Training you will have a personally designed program and me as a personal trainer to walk you through the exercises.

You will always have the proper equipment to use for whatever we’re working on that day.

So that same hour/month waisted at a corporate gym. Can be a life changing experience with Fitness by Design Personal Training.

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Patience is a big part of working out.

It’s so common for people to start a workout routine super motivated.

And then quit a week or month later.

They quit because they see little to no results.

They are discouraged because they think that, if they haven’t reached their goal after a week or month of going to the gym, then they might as well give up.

But it takes time and patience.

Say you put on weight at some point in your life.

It may have taken 2 years to put on the weight. Or maybe even 6 months.

You can’t expect 1 month of exercise to reverse 2 years of weight gain.

So the initial workout spark might be there.

But you have to stay patient and continue working towards your health and fitness goals if you want to succeed.

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No time to workout?

No time to workout?

People claim they don’t have any time to workout.

They get up with just enough time to make it to there 9-5 job and then they go home eat dinner and then watch their favorite show for the rest of the night.

Then comes friday, they go out with there friends, sleep in saturday and then do the same saturday night and sunday morning.

Eventually 5-10 years pass of doing the same thing and they slowly start to gain weight, and they’re tired all the time.

Which could have all been avoided if they made health and fitness a part of their daily routine!

So for those people who say they don’t have time here’s what you can do.

Instead of waking up at 8am to get ready for 9am, wake up at 5am.

Eat some breakfast, drink some coffee, and get to the gym for an hour before work.

Don’t want to get up early? When you get out of work at 5pm eat a quick snack, head to the gym and get an hour workout in.

If you’re feeling extra daring, do a 30min workout during your lunch break at work.

Even if you sacrifice 2 days during the work week and get up early or go after work, You can workout 2 more times over the weekend and that’s 4 days a week.

Now if you don’t know how to efficiently workout in an hour, hire a personal trainer to motivate you and to make sure you’re staying committed and going to the gym.

Even if you hire a trainer for a couple months, you can learn and adopt fitness into your weekly routine.

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Why fitness is important!

Some people assume that working out and going to the gym is only for people who are trying to look good, play sports, or be a bodybuilder.

Obviously this is how you can achieve these types of things.

But in reality, it’s also for people who want to live a long, healthy life.

And if we’re making assumptions, I’d assume you’re a person who’d like to live a long, healthy life.

While in your 20s and 30’s you may be thinking: “Well, I look and feel decent” and that you can just maintain this.

And, I know it may be disappointing to hear this, but as we age our metabolism slows down, our muscles become weaker, and our bone density starts to decrease.

This can lead to weight gain and all the diseases that come from obesity.

Weaker muscles will eventually make it harder to lift simple objects, balance and walk.

And, if you’re having trouble balancing and walking, you may fall on your hip, which if you haven’t been building bone density could break.

I realize this may be years away for some people, in their 20’s and 30’s, or it may be an issue right now.

But if you don’t start investing some amount of time building up your body through fitness it will more than likely become a problem or get worse in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this information. If you felt that it helped go ahead and give it a like and share it to your page so your friends and family can be motivated to live a long and healthy life as well :)

Carbs are not the enemy

Many people believe carbohydrates are making their body fat high. So they start working out, and try to loose weight by cutting carbs from their diet. What they may not know is that carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy.

The real problem is eating too many carbs and not burning any of them off. 

The trick is to eat healthy carbs such as oats, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and brown rice. When you eat these types of carbs they will give your body energy to workout, as well as heal from previous workouts.

The same energy you use to run, jump and swim, is the same energy you use to synthesize proteins and heal the body.

So if you don't eat any carbs you will have no energy to workout or heal from workouts you do accomplish. Also after you do end up eating carbs, you will binge and gain all your weight back.

So try eating small servings of healthy carbs mentioned above in every meal along with proteins and you will achieve the lean healthy body you desire.

and that's Fitness by Design... 

Summer Set-backs

Spring is here! And soon comes summer!

More outdoor activities, cookouts, and day trips are in the near future! 

So, why go to the gym if your body fat is pretty much where you would like it to be and the new outdoor activities seem to be enough to compensate for the lack of gym time?

So how can you increase your muscle gain and weight loss in the spring/summer?

  • Cut the lawn
  • Swim
  • Keep up with your diet
  • Play outdoor sports
  • Hike or bike


Continue to go to the gym!

Instead of replacing your normal exercise regimen with strenuous outdoor work/activities and giving up on your diet…double up your workout (by doing both), keep your diet in place and you will skyrocket towards your health and fitness goals!

In other words, instead of taking 2 steps forward to take 2 steps back, take 4 steps forward!

Use the summer months as an opportunity to make twice as much progress.

Never settle in your comfort zone…break out of the box and make extra strides towards your health and fitness goals. You will NOT regret it!

And that, is Fitness By Design.

Rest Days

As I’ve mentioned before, starting an exercise routine can be tough. What can be even tougher is knowing when to take a break. Most people have the logic that working out is good, so they assume that working out more is better. This is not “always” the case.

Many start strong on a new workout routine but then burn themselves out and stop after a little while. Also, without the proper knowledge many begin starving themselves, but that’s another topic altogether.

Why rest days are so important…

When working out, you are breaking down muscle fibers so they grow back stronger. If you don’t let them rest and heal they will take longer to grow stronger.

Muscles heal and strengthen when you let them rest.

I’ve had clients say, “awe man, I missed a couple days last week, now I’ve probably lost everything gained.”

This isn’t true at all. Their mental state may hold them back as a placebo, thinking they’re weaker. But I can almost guarantee they’d be stronger after a couple days off to heal.

What you can do on a rest day…

I’ve had clients say, “It was my rest day so I did cardio”.

What isn’t realized here is that even if it isn’t the same muscle group being strenuously worked, energy is still being used which could have been utilized by the body to heal.

So instead, do things like stretching.

I’ve also had clients say, “I ate bad one day this weekend, now I’m more tired and lost what I’ve been working on.”

Again, they would most definitely be stronger, so long as they didn’t just eat cake all day.

Finally, I would suggest, if you’re going to take a cheat day, do it on your rest day. By doing so, you restore depleted energy stores while resting and healing.

And that’s Fitness by Design...

Variation of exercise

Starting an exercise routine can be a hassle. That said, once we get the ball rolling it usually becomes easy and routine. We often see results pretty quickly, but inevitably plateau.

Like they say, consistency is key but if we are not challenging our body in new ways, it will become used to the exercises and the results will become less impactful and obvious. Once this happens we begin to simply going through the motions and working out becomes boring and ineffective. 

So what do is a person to do?..... Implement variation. 

Routine Variation

Say a typical workout routine is as follows

  • Monday: Chest and triceps

  • Tuesday: Back and biceps

  • Wednesday: Legs and core

  • Thursday: Shoulders

  • Friday: Cardio

  • Saturday: Rest

  • Sunday: Rest 

As a new lifter, this 5 day split will provide great results. But continuing to use this same routine for weeks/months/years will eventually cease to provide “new” results.

We need to keep our muscle fibers guessing. We have to make the body NEED to change to keep up with variation in exercise. 

So, switch it up every month by trying new 5 day splits. 

  • Monday: Back

  • Tuesday: Chest

  • Wednesday: Legs

  • Thursday: Shoulders and arms

  • Friday: Core

  • Saturday: Cardio

  • Sunday: Rest

Switching back and forth every month between the two routines will definitely help. But, to dive deeper we can also switch exercises within the routine 

Exercise Variation 

For example: Let’s say chest day looks like this:

  1. Bench Press, as heavy as possible until you get to one rep.

  2. Incline Press, as heavy as possible until you get to one rep.

  3. Decline Press, as heavy as possible until you get to one rep.

  4. Then, tons of tricep extensions.

Try this:

  1. Dumbbell Press - find a weight that you can get 8 reps on, drop it a couple pounds and get 4 sets of 10 reps.

  2. Incline Dumbbell Press, find a weight that you can can get 8 reps on, drop it a couple pounds and get 4 sets of 10 reps.

  3. Dips, 4 sets of 12 reps.

  4. Single arm tricep extensions, find a comfortable 15 rep weight, add 5 pounds and do 4 sets of 12 reps.

This can be done for every routine. Other variations to consider include:

  • Changing which exercise you do first in a routine next week.

  • Changing what equiptment you use to perform exercises.

In summary, just constantly do something different and work as hard as possible. If you want to get fancy, bring along a notebook and write down each routine (what you did, number of reps and using what equipment). By implementing variations to your routine all days of the week (and not just chest day) I PROMISE you will see more positive change in your body!

And that’s, fitness by design