To meet a variety of client needs I offer personal, one-on-one as well as group (3 or less) training programs.

One-on-one training

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With one-on-one training I can help you achieve a broad range of fitness goals. Not only can I help you "get fit," I also have a vast array of corrective exercises that can help to stretch and strengthen specific muscles, relieve shoulder, back, hip and knee pain among many other things.

Finally, I offer a number of personal training program options that we can customize to meet your specific scheduling and budgetary needs.

Group Training

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Group training can be a fun and productive way for 2 or 3 friends to work towards and achieve their fitness goals as a team. 

Online Training

To busy to get to the gym? Have weights at home or a gym at work? I offer online fitness programs that will help meet you fitness goals! This also includes weekly calls and unlimited text message contact. With a monthly plan to keep you on track.